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     In 1985, the Lord brought Pastor David Parker to Hawaii as a missionary pastor. He was accompanied by his wife, who was born and raised in Hawaii, and their three children. After much prayer, Friendship Bible Church, Independent Baptist, was born. It was not very long before it became evident that God had work for Friendship in the Ewa Villages. In 1987 the church moved into temporary rented space in the heart of Ewa, and in 1990 they moved into the Renton church building. When the church took control of the property, it was in shambles. Over the years, the church has remodeled and improved the facility to make the most of what God has provided, and God has faithfully continued to bless the ministry here.


     In February of 2002, Pastor James E. Reid became the pastor. Although there was a change in leadership, the work of the Lord continued. Pastor Reid brought new ideas to the ministry by starting a Faith Promise Missions program and a building program. 


     In 2008, Friendship Baptist Church purchased two acres of land on Keanui Drive for two million dollars. Through much prayer and sacrifice, the church has since paid off the land. A few years later, it had a ground breaking ceremony and began phase one of building on the new property. On April 24, 2016, the church moved into the new auditorium.


     The church continues to grow through the blessings of God to an average attendance of 300+ and a high day of 406.  Many members have found a place of ministry where they can share their faith in a vibrant way. Friendship Bible Church is a respected member of the community and a beacon of truth, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around them. The church is truly “A friendly fellowship of Bible-believing Christians."




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